Suman Gupta [1964] a Jammu based artist, interfaces with realistic style, which marks it as his visual language, for expressing his feelings and desires as his artistic statements. Sumanís works are realistically rendered but undergirded with his individual vision. His realism is not simply a perceptual exercise paying homage to nature. Rather through his realistic language he creates a metaphoric and a philosophical dialogue making nature an interventionist element. Having grown up in the land of mountains in Kashmir, Sumanís landscape are a take on his experiences and
engagements with diverse aspects of nature from its sublimity to its spectacular, dramatic, awesome and frightening conditions and effects. And the inspiration to work with almost photographic realism has been Andrew Wyeth, an American painter. In addition he also gestures towards the people inhabiting his land their toils, aspirations, hopes and despairs. Harnessing his cultural ethos, Suman delineates his experiences anchored from his region. Suman’s rural inspired frames; whether a village in the kandi belt of Jammu or a kaleidoscopic scene from a Rajasthani village, are his mainstay. Says Suman, “I call it ‘romanticizing the visual’ while pursuing the mind images. Depicting the people in everyday actions, a tree here, a landscape there during my wandering in the countryside, the hills and the highlands around the place of my origin.” The existentialist angst which the artist underpins in his works are seen in single protagonists as the boy whose childhood joys and carefree amblings are lost in eking out a survival.
No : 1
21 x 28